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Our Story

It all started with combat sports at the highest national and international level. We are passionately into martial arts, self defence and self protection for over 25 years. Our teaching is inspired by the latest scientific findings, which we gain from our own research within the context of civilian and police self defence. AKS is not just a hub of contact for locals. Meanwhile, students from all over find the way to us (Cologne, Hürth, Pulheim, Kerpen, Erftstadt, Brühl, Dusseldorf, Aachen, Lüdenscheid, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Los Angeles, Hamburg and Berlin).

Swen Körner

Swen has been practicing martial arts since 1989, competitions, education and in-house teaching led him around the globe. Swen is Urban Combatives Full Instructor (5th Generation) under Lee Morrison (United Kingdom), Krav Maga Full Instructor (United Tactical Organizations, Chris Schmidt) and Wing Chun Sifu (Gary Lam, Los Angeles). Swen has trained with Mario Staller (KM Expert Level 3, 2 time Ju Jutsu World Champion) and DK Yoo (Systema & Warfare Combat System and Systema, Seoul / Korea). Swen was a longtime member of the German Taekwondo national team (full contact: multiple German Champion, European Cup silver, other medal placements: Austrian Open, Dutch Open, British Open, Franco Scano Trophy, Nations Cup, Catalan Cup, International German Open, 5th place World Cup, etc.); Kick- / Thai boxing, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts (with Stefan Larisch, MMA Team Lindlar). During and after his active career as a fighter, Swen trained for many years members of the national and German National Team in full contact Taekwondo. After studying in Cologne and earning a doctorate at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Swen has been a professor of sports and educational science since 2009, since 2011 he´s managing director of the Department of Pedagogy at the German Sport University Cologne. He is Teaching in the field of violence prevention; Radio and TV interviews, etc. on the subject of violence (including Focus, Stern, N24, ZDF, ARTE, WDR); Swen is a spokesman for the German Martial Arts Commission on Martial Arts & Martial Arts, member of the University of Liverpool’s Tactical Decision Making Research Group and head of numerous research projects in the field of civil and police self-defense. Mario Staller and Swen have developed the self defence training paradigm of nonlinear pedagogy, which is attracting the attention of national police.

Nicole Körner

Nicole studied graphic and textile design and is running the TanzBazar together with her mother. Nicole is Executive Director of the Academy of Martial arts and Self Defense Bergheim. She is a certified Krav Maga Instructor at United Tactical Organizations under Chiefinstructor Chris Schmidt) and a certified Wing Chun Teacher (Level One). Background: Martial Arts since 1987; Member of the German Women’s Taekwondo National Team (full contact: German Vice-Champion, Luxembourg Champion), Ju Jutsu, Boxing. Nicole is responsible for the the child and youth training as well as the special training for women.

Dirk Renger

certified technician; In my sporting career I’ve played soccer for over 25 years. I started learning Wing Chun in 1986. In october 2013 I have achieved the “Outstanding Level” certificate by Sifu Gary Lam. Since then I am joining the Academy of Martial Arts and Self Defense Bergheim. It´s fun and hard work. For me, Wing Chun is a direct and effective way of Self Defense. Through its structured combat principles you are enabled to avoid and clear threatening situations with simple means.

Leo Istas

Leo Istas is a doctoral student at the German Sport University Cologne, was an active amateur boxer and has been a boxing coach since 2008. Since 2014, as a member of the commission “Martial Arts and Martial Arts” of the German Association for Sports Science, he follows the scientific research in the field of martial arts.

Laura Benninghoff

Media Designer (B.A.) At first I started with Wing Chun and Escrima at the AKS Bergheim, but since 2015 I have extended my training to Krav Maga. I am impressed by the quick learning and the statement: “As long as it works, it is right.” By making the techniques as simple yet effective as possible, Krav Maga is suitable for anyone who wants to make rapid progress and do something for their physical and mental fitness. Since May 2017 I am Krav Maga Basic Instructor at the AKS Bergheim.

Cem Turhal

Cem Turhal, I am doing my high school diploma at Gutenberg High School in Bergheim. Since 2015, I am now at the AKS Bergheim and teach children and young people in Wing Chun. Without any previous knowledge of Krav Maga, I wanted to learn this self-defense system, as you can quickly and easily learn the most direct way to defuse a threatening situation. Through principles like Watch your 6, my instincts have not left me on the road inattentively since the beginning of Krav Maga, helping me to recognize upcoming situations early on. I’m proud to be the youngest Krav Maga Basic Instructor at the AKS Bergheim.

Abaddon Piatek

Abaddon, Electrical Engineering Student at the TH Cologne in Deutz with a focus on optical technologies. I’ve always felt the need to defend myself and others when it matters. After researching the various self-defense systems, I chose Krav Maga and thus found my way to AKS Bergheim. In the first training session, I was able to experience all that Krav Maga stands for. Quick and easy solutions that eliminate direct dangers. Krav Maga is not a martial art. It is a problem-solving system that is easy for anyone to learn. Krav Maga is based on the natural instincts and is therefore available in any stress situation. After nearly one year of training, I passed the four-week examination as a Basic Instructor and am looking forward to further challenges offered by the AKS Bergheim.

Leandro de Andreis

Occupation: Retired after a career as an Executive Director in the insurance sector. Sports Activity: Athletics, still racing. Since 2008 I have been practicing Wing Chun. Since the end of 2012, I´m experiencing Wing Chun. What fascinates me most about this martial art, is that you do neither need acrobatics nor fancy movements. Instead you learn to use simple principles to defend yourself effectively. Guided by superior biomechanics and natural reflexes you waste less energy, act and react quickly and get the necessary determination. And that is conveyed with enthusiasm and motivation in our Academy of Martial Arts and Self Defense under the guidance of Sifu Swen.

Chris Hofstadt

Chris, Dipl., Professional IT managers in the hosting industry. In youth I have already gathered various experiences with martial arts (including Tae Kwon Do and Thai- / Kickboxing). In 2001 i have started practicing Wing Chun in several organizations. Since 2012 I experience Wing Chun at the Academy of Martial Arts and Self Defense Bergheim in a practical and scientifically way and in a collaborative atmosphere. Right from the start I was fascinated by the principles and techniques of Wing Chun. It teaches me to use simple natural movements against every day threats and attacks, even against multiple attackers. In Addition I`m practicing single and two-handed stick fighting (Escrima, Arnis, Kali) since 2005. The use of every day means (like umbrellas, keys, mobile) as it is taught in our Academy as well as sparring with adaptive integration of everyday objects empowers people to defend themselves with simple means. Training in our school is the ideal compensation for my stressful work.

Ulli Kukuk

My way to the Wing Chun was paved by unpleasant and threatening situations. I felt the urge to defend myself. In 2011 i started practicing Wing Tsun. Since 2013 I join the Academy of Martial Arts and Self Defense Bergheim. The structure determination and the training methods are quite different. The systematic approach as well as the concentration on simple principles and techniques trained in realistic exercises have convinced me immediately. What fascinated me most its that you can deal with threatening situations by simple and natural principles, reflexes and structures.

Marc Hüppeler

Profession: Trained electronics technician and now active as IT key user in the pharmaceutical industry. Before my Wing Chun career, I was a passionate footballer for 16 years. After that, I was looking for a new challenge. This I finally found in Wing Chun. This martial art has always inspired me, so in 2014 I found my way to the Academy of Martial Arts and Self-Defense in Bergheim. From the first training, I was inspired by the easy-to-learn principles and structures that can be applied to the given dangers in dangerous situations. From what I’ve learned so far in Wing Chun, I can say that it’s more than just a form of self-defense, it’s more like training your body and mind in any situation. After 2 years I have now received the Level 1 Teaching Certificate in Wing Chun and look forward to further challenges in the AKS Bergheim!

Marco Grawunder

ist Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben am Institut für Tanz und Bewegungskultur der Deutschen Sporthochschule Köln. Er betreibt Kampfkunst/-sport seit 1996, vor allem Taekwon-Do (International Taekwon-Do Federation) und Wing Tsun (European Wing Tsun Organisation, Wing Tsun-Escrima Organisation). Nach einer ‚Auszeit’ von 7 Jahren begann er 2012 erneut mit dem Wing Chun Training nach den Prinzipien der Akademie für Kampfkunst und Selbstverteidigung Bergheim. „Hier bekomme ich Antworten auf nie gestellte Fragen. Keine Geheimnisse, kein Meister-Kult und kein ‚Das lernst du erst später’. Hier wird Wing Chun konsequent reduziert auf die es ausmachenden Prinzipien, was gleichzeitig jede(n) einzelne(n) einlädt, SEIN oder IHR Wing Chun zu definieren, zu trainieren und zu leben. Das bringt mich als Schüler in die Lage selbst verantwortlich für den eigenen Fortschritt zu sein, und diese Atmosphäre ist in jedem Training spürbar. Ich kann jeder(n) Kampfkunstinteressierte(n) nur einladen, dieses Training mal zu erleben.“

Stefan Wegner

Krav Maga Advanced Instructor geschäftsführender Gesellschafter eines Metallverarbeitenden Betriebes in Köln. Meine ersten Kampfsporterfahrungen machte ich im Kickboxen. Später wechselte ich zum Kraftsport, was ich auch über mehrere Jahre intensiv betrieb. Nach einer längeren Pause suchte ich eine neue sportliche Herausforderung. Nach umfassender Recherche wurde ich auf Krav Maga aufmerksam. Nach einem Probetraining in der AKS Bergheim war ich von diesem Selbstverteidigungssystem so begeistert, dass ich mich sofort entschloss Mitglied zu werden. Was mich am Krav Maga fasziniert ist die leichte und schnelle Erlernbarkeit basierend auf der Nutzung natürlicher Reflexe und Instinkte.

Holger Kemper

Werkzeugmechaniker bei einem großen Automobilhersteller in Köln. Meine Erfahrungen mit Angriff und Verteidigung waren schon sehr früh, da ich einen 11 Jahre älteren Bruder habe, wo es aber mehr zum Spaß zu einigen Reibereien kam. In meiner Jugend hatte das Ninjutsu mein Interesse geweckt, was allerdings 1 Jahr später zum erliegen kam und ich mich dem Kraft und Ausdauertraining widmete. Da die Neugier auf Selbstverteidigung nie wirklich weg war, fing ich 2015 mit Wing Tsun in einem europäischen Verband an. Da der Verband sich mehr der traditionellen Kampfkunst verschrieben hat, war ich für mich auf der Suche nach einem effektiven, realistischen, explosivem und auf einem hohen Fitnesslevel basierenden und forderndem Selbstverteidigungssystem. Da kam nach einiger Recherche Krav Maga in Frage. Damit habe ich im Juni 2017 an der AKS in Bergheim begonnen. Es ist für jeden leicht zu erlernen. Jeder kann körperlich und auch geistig an seine Grenzen, aber auch darüber hinaus gehen. Es kommt dabei nicht auf die Technik an, sondern dass es für jeden einzelnen individuell funktioniert. Die Richtung ist das Ziel. Den Weg geht jeder auf seine Art. Nach kurzer Zeit wird man sich und seine Umwelt anders wahrnehmen. Das alles wird einem an der AKS mit einem perfekten Ausbilderteam und auch Mitgliedern, die ihres gleichen suchen, geboten. Ich habe im November erfolgreich meine Basic Instructorprüfung abgelegt und freue mich schon auf die nächsten Herausforderungen, die mir angeboten werden.

Markus Porschen

Markus Porschen, 1974 in Grevenbroich geboren, Kfz-Mechaniker im Rhein-Erft-Kreis seit 1990. Da ich gemerkt habe, dass man selbst als Mann nicht mehr auf der Straße sicher ist und ich etwas Fitness gebrauchen konnte, musste etwas Passendes her. Meine Suche führte mich dann 2016 in die AKS Bergheim, wo ich bei einem Krav Maga Probetraining die perfekte Lösung für mich fand. Mich faszinierte die leichte und schnelle Erlernbarkeit von Krav Maga mit einfachen Mitteln und ich konnte mein Reflexe für Angriffssituation schulen, so dass ich im Ernstfall einer Konfrontation jemanden unter Kontrolle bringen und die Situation entschärfen kann. Im Januar legte ich erfolgreich die Prüfung zum Basic Instructor ab.