Swen Körner

Swen has been practicing martial arts since 1989, competitions, education and in-house teaching led him around the globe.

Swen is Urban Combatives Full Instructor (5th Generation) under Lee Morrison (United Kingdom), Krav Maga Full Instructor (United Tactical Organizations, Chris Schmidt) and Wing Chun Sifu (Gary Lam, Los Angeles). Swen has trained with Mario Staller (KM Expert Level 3, 2 time Ju Jutsu World Champion) and DK Yoo (Systema & Warfare Combat System and Systema, Seoul / Korea).

Swen was a longtime member of the German Taekwondo national team (full contact: multiple German Champion, European Cup silver, other medal placements: Austrian Open, Dutch Open, British Open, Franco Scano Trophy, Nations Cup, Catalan Cup, International German Open, 5th place World Cup, etc.); Kick- / Thai boxing, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts (with Stefan Larisch, MMA Team Lindlar). During and after his active career as a fighter, Swen trained for many years members of the national and German National Team in full contact Taekwondo.

After studying in Cologne and earning a doctorate at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Swen has been a professor of sports and educational science since 2009, since 2011 he´s managing director of the Department of Pedagogy at the German Sport University Cologne. He is Teaching in the field of violence prevention; Radio and TV interviews, etc. on the subject of violence (including Focus, Stern, N24, ZDF, ARTE, WDR);

Swen is a spokesman for the German Martial Arts Commission on Martial Arts & Martial Arts, member of the University of Liverpool’s Tactical Decision Making Research Group and head of numerous research projects in the field of civil and police self-defense. Mario Staller and Swen have developed the self defence training paradigm of nonlinear pedagogy, which is attracting the attention of national police.


Zertifikate Urban Combatives Full Instructor; Wing Chun Sifu & Krav Maga Full Instructor

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