Marc Hüppeler

Profession: Trained electronics technician and now active as IT key user in the pharmaceutical industry.
Before my Wing Chun career, I was a passionate footballer for 16 years.
After that, I was looking for a new challenge. This I finally found in Wing Chun.
This martial art has always inspired me, so in 2014 I found my way to the Academy of Martial Arts and Self-Defense in Bergheim.

From the first training, I was inspired by the easy-to-learn principles and structures that can be applied to the given dangers in dangerous situations.

From what I’ve learned so far in Wing Chun, I can say that it’s more than just a form of self-defense, it’s more like training your body and mind in any situation.

After 2 years I have now received the Level 1 Teaching Certificate in Wing Chun and look forward to further challenges in the AKS Bergheim!


Zertifikate Wing Chun Lehrer Level 1

Trainer Classes